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LANmark-OF Duplex SC Snap-In Adaptor Singlemode APC
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LANmark-OF snap-in adapters have been designed for snapping into the modular OF patch panels and ZD boxes. They are available in single SC, dual SC, LC duplex and MT-RJ version. The 2 Small Form Factor connector types offer double density, as two fiber connections are offered on the SC-type footprint. Installation time is saved as the snap-in concept replaces the time-consuming screwing attachment of coupling devices.


  • Adapter Housing: PBT, 15% Glass
  • Sleeve Holder: PBT, 20% Glass
  • Dust Cap: PP
  • Spring:SUS 304 CSP 3/4 H
  • PB Sleeve: PB - inner diameter 2,48mm - length 11.4mm
  • Zirconia Sleeve: ZA Ceramic - inner diam.: 2.48mm -length 11.4mm

Technical Specifications

  • Insertion Loss: < 0.2 dB
  • Sleeve Preservation Strength: 2.0 ~ 5.9N (200gf ~600gf)

                                         JIS Z9015 standard l: 1 time pull out

                                         NAMl test AQL = 0.25%

  • Plug Connect/Disconnect Strength: Less than 19.6N (2Kgf)
  • Sealing Pull Strength : Less than 98.0N (10Kgf)
  • Plug Removal Strength : Less than 68.6N (7Kgf)
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