Nexans NCS205127

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Dual SC coupler MM
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  • LANmark-OF accessories to complete the whole system.
  • SC couplers


  • Optical fibre accessories.
  • Designed for the installation of zone wiring, fibre to the office, fibre to the desk and backbone connections.


Suitable for tight buffer cable (direct termination) or loose tube using splice tray and pigtails.

Compatible with Essential-OF Patch Panel 24 SC White (N441.122).


  • The dual SC coupler is designed to make connection with four SC connectors.
  • The dual SC couplers are available in single mode and multimode to complete all OF structural hardware.


  • Adapter Housing: PBT, 15% Glass
  • Sleeve Holder: PBT, 20% Glass
  • Dust Cap: PP
  • Spring:SUS 304 CSP 3/4 H
  • PB Sleeve: PB - inner diameter 2,48mm - length 11.4mm
  • Phosphor Bronze Sleeve: ZA Ceramic - inner diam.: 2.48mm - length 11.4mm 
 Technical Specifications
  • Insertion Loss: Max 0.5 - typical 0.1 or better
  • Durability: < 0.02 dB deviation after 1000 matings 

              < 0.02 dB after temperature cycle test

  • Sleeve Preservation Strength: 2.0 ~ 5.9N (200gf ~600gf)

                                         JIS Z9015 standard l: 1 time pull out

                                         NAMl test AQL = 0.25%

  • Plug Connect/Disconnect Strength : Less than 19.6N (2Kgf)
  • Sealing Pull Strength : Less than 98.0N (10Kgf)
  • Plug Removal Strength : Less than 68.6N (7Kgf)
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